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Hogwarts Graduates

A community for those who have already completed their N.E.W.T.s (17+)

Hogwarts Graduates: Adult "Harry Potter" Fans
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A community for Harry Potter fans who would already be Hogwarts Graduates (17+).

So you've come of age in the wizarding world, and some of your silly Muggle friends think it's time to move on and leave Harry Potter and Hogwarts where they rightfully belong -- in the hands of children.

What do they know, eh?

Numerous references to history and mythology, character and place names that would keep an etymologist happily busy for hours, complex depictions of good and evil, humor, wit, satire, and character deaths -- surely this is not just another children's book?

Hogwart's Graduates is for people 17 and older -- college students, grad students, parents, grandparents -- who appreciate Harry Potter for what it is -- a fabulous work of fiction. It's dedicated to serious (and not-so-serious) discussion of the books and the movies from an adult perspective. Feel free to speculate, question, theorize, and philosophize. Aw, hell; gush if you want, but keep the drooling to a minimum -- we're all adults here, aren't we? ;)

17 or older MEANS 17 or older. If you are under 17, do not join. If you are found to be under 17, you will be removed and banned.

This is NOT a HP porn community! This forum is "Adult" in nature because we are dealing with the book as literature and from a more "grown-up" perspective. If you're looking for smutfic, please see hp_adult.

Also, because this is an "adult community", you are expected to ACT LIKE ONE. Users who repeatedly fight, name call, insult, etc will be banned. If you are having a problem with another member, please contact stardustxsiren@livejournal.com.

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ALL UPCOMING HP 7.2 MOVIE SPOILERS NEED TO BE BEHIND AN LJ CUT! (This includes articles, musings, pictures, rumors, everything.)

If you don't know how to do this, please see the LJ FAQ for instructions.


Note - Right now, ALL POSTS are on moderation. This is not a problem, due to the low volume of posts at the moment, and my high volume of internet time (I'm such an addict.) IF either of these things changes, I may either lift post moderation, or ask for some help in moderating the community. Until this time, posts will continue to be approved or rejected by myself.

All these things are welcome as long as they relate in some way to Harry Potter, but they all need to be behind LJ-CUTS. If you need help with this, please see the LJ FAQ for instructions. In addition, please keep surveys, quizzes and memes all in one post. If someone posts a quiz or survey, please do NOT take it or fill it out and then create a whole new post. Put in a comment in the ORIGINAL thread.

NOTE: I am no longer accepting RPG ads to this community, due to member feedback. Thank you for your understanding.

**This is NOT a community for HP smutfic. But believe me, I'm sure they're out there. Please respect this community and do not post sexually explicit fanfic here.

Founded by arrogance - 3/14/02
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